Financial Practice/Broker Dealer Sale

Selling Broker Dealers and Financial Practices: 

Since we have been in business, we have been getting calls from advisors who want to either buy or sell a Financial Practice.  With the aging of today's financial advisors, the average age of the advisor is 58 years old.  In this aging population, it only makes sense that some advisors will want to retire.  Seeing this demand, we have accommodated these requests and have begun to help advisors sell their books and we have also helped smaller broker dealers sell their firms.  

 With a vast network of qualified buyers, we are able to "create a market" for the financial advisor and company owner to market their assets.  Unlike other competitor firms, that simply send "blast emails" out to a wide area of financial advisors to get buyers, we use our personal relationships to provide qualified buyers in a confidential manner with broker dealers who will financially stand behind the buyer.  We always have the buyer and seller sign a non-disclosure agreement so that everything is kept confidential.  We find that this is the best way to do business.